cBrain partners with UAE TRA to offer F2 solution at the UAE Digital Market Place

Software company cBrain A/S (CPH:CBRAIN) announced on Wednesday that it has agreed to offer the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) the F2 solution, which is a digital platform for government work, as a cloud service at the UAE Digital Market Place.

Reportedly, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has established the Digital Market Place in order to offer cloud solutions, which facilitate fast and smart transformation for federal government entities in the Emirates, managed by IT professionals in a secure environment.

With this new service, UAE government organisations will be offered a fast and efficient approach to digital transformation, based on proven best practices.

F2 is multi-tenant government process service, which allows government organisations a fast track to transform from paper based into digital working environments. This includes digitising internal ministerial processes, cross ministerial collaboration as well as digitising citizen services, end-to-end, from self-service to back office and filing.

According to the company, the F2 digital platform is 100% standard and offers, out-of-the-box, support for all basic government work functions, including case and document management, knowledge sharing, collaboration, formal and informal communication with Chat, government workflows like approvals and requests, correspondence management, citizen interaction and self-service, meetings as well as records management. In parallel, F2 offers a unique process definition layer, which allow organisations to define individual government case and work processes and onboard them as process libraries into the F2 standard software.

Currently, the F2 model, method and software have been deployed by over 50 Danish government organisations, as well as government organisations in the UK and Germany.

In connection with the F2 cloud service, cBrain will establish a F2 Government Process Lab, which will offer to help UAE government organisations to design, deploy and utilise the F2 model and cloud at the UAE Digital Market Place.

This will include a number of different services, from knowledge exchange courses, sharing best practices, and rapid prototyping to defining and launching smart citizen services, based on mobile and Web, as well as digitising internal government processes.

F2 product from cBrain is currently accessible from the UAE Digital Marketplace and all prospective users from the government entities can test and evaluate the service for easier service adoption.

Published in Telecomworldwire on Thursday, 05 July 2018
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