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Contacting M2 is easy as long as you have the correct contact information. Your business, feedback and thoughts are important to us.

M2PressWIRE® staff will be pleased to attempt to answer any specific questions that you may have. Due to the large volume of queries received daily please refer to the specific information given on our web site before you ask what could be a frequently asked question. Providing a high quality, responsive service is our key and your cooperation will assist us in meeting these goals.

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We prefer the use of electronic mail for handling your queries as this enables collaboration with different departments and an accelerated response time.

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M2PressWIRE® Customer Service
Normans Media Ltd
Stokewood House
Warminster Road

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M2PressWIRE® Sales +44 (0)207 0470 201
M2PressWIRE® General Enquiries +44 (0)207 0470 200

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+44 (0)207 0570 200