Can you send me issues of your publications?

No, we are are real-time news service. M2 NewsPublishing articles are exclusively available online and via a worldwide network of online distribution partners such as Dow Jones-owned Factiva, LexisNexis, Gale and ThomsonReuters.

How often are your editorial products published?

All our editorial titles are published real-time, as the news breaks. Frequency of publication is explained under each publication in the M2 NewsPublishing section. Volumes depend on the title, but can range from 5-150 news items per day.

Can I re-license articles for my own use?

You can license M2 NewsPublishing articles and news feeds for your company's internal network.

How can I view a sample of a M2 NewsPublishing product online? Do you make your archives freely available?

You can read a typical sample copy of an M2 NewsPublishing product online as well as selected stories. You can search our archives for free, which will show you the publication date, headline and an excerpt of the article or press release, but to retrieve full stories from the archive you need to purchase archive credits. These cost £3 for one credit; £5 for 3 credits; £10 for seven credits and £20 for 15 credits. Our partner network also provides access to our editorial archive. Contact us to discuss unlimited access to this valuable search engine and research resource.

Can I subscribe to M2 NewsPublishing editorial products online?

Yes, you can subscribe direct to one or more M2 NewsPublishing products online. Each of our data partners has its own individual products and services. While we recommend that you examine the broad range of services that our data partners offer, we cannot specifically recommend what service may be best for you or be party to any contractual relationship you may form.

How much does a direct subscription to a M2 NewsPublishing product cost?

Subscription charges depend on the number of users that you license. If you have 10 employees who would regularly read M2 Nordic Business Report, for example, then you would need a licence for 10 users. Redistribution without licence and permission is strictly prohibited. Significant discounts are available for organisations who require multi-user and multi-product licences.

How do I submit press releases to your editorial team?

Please send your press releases to editorial@m2.com.