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Contacting M2 is easy as long as you have the correct contact information. Your business, feedback and thoughts are important to us.


The Editorial Department should be used as your point of contact for the submission of news for possible consideration by our various publications, invitations to events and all non-administrative and non-subscription inquiries.

M2PressWIRE® press release distribution service

For all matters regarding the M2PressWIRE® press release distribution service that is operated as a 'non editorial' service by M2.


All corporate-related inquiries regarding M2 that cannot be addressed by other departments should be directed through our corporate offices.

M2 Online (web site)

For contacting the operators of this web site to report problems, make suggestions and other feedback directly related to the web site's operation.


For the licensing of M2 content for use on corporate intranets, public web sites and other applications (but not direct subscriptions by end-users)

M2 staff

Unless specifically requested to the contrary, please direct all inquiries and correspondence to M2 to the relevant 'department' e-mail address.

Accounting and Finance

For all matters regarding financial accounting at M2.

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Normans Media Ltd
Stokewood House
Warminster Road
Company registration no: 6877493
Switchboard: +44 (0) 20 7047 0200