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M2 PressWIRE is the world’s third largest electronic press release distribution service.

We guarantee distribution to the world’s major news syndication services, including Dow Jones-owned Factiva and Lexis so your releases are seen by CEOs, corporate finance professionals, researchers, analysts, journalists, professional information workers, potential investors and other decision makers.

Make your press releases work harder, for longer…

Distribute an unlimited number of press releases for for an annual fee of USD400. As users of news aggregation services frequently use archive searches and our archives go back to 1994, you also benefit from extending the ‘life’ of your press release so it works harder, for longer.

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M2 Publishing also produces a host of highly regarded, real-time news publications - including TelecomWorldWire, Nordic Business Report, Airline Industry Information and EquityBites. To submit a press release to be considered for coverage in our editorial titles, please click here...

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